Clover Floors Central Park Flower Valley Sector 32-33 Sohna, South Of Gurgaon

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In your journey to the top, you constantly evolve, as a person and as a professional. With every passing day you develop a fondness for the finer things in life. Everything you buy or own reflects your unique persona, be it the fancy car, the expensive watch or that rare wine in your collection, but a house speaks volumes about you and your journey till now. So go ahead, get a house at Central Park Flower Valley Clover Floors and make a bold statement without saying a word.

Central Park introduces Clover Floors, 400 sq. yds. of spacious luxury floors

The four leaved Clover has been a symbol of good luck for ages. Having written your own luck till now, Clover Floors is the perfect way to celebrate your good fortune.

Central Park Flower Valley Clover Floors is ready to set the new benchmark in luxury living with its unique range of intelligent homes.

A fine blend of technologies tailored to maximize your convenience and optimized space utilization makes Clover Floors, the smartest way of living.

If you thought you knew all about luxury living, think again.


Now your home will be your personal haven as Central Park Flower Valley Clover Floors offers you independent personal floors. That’s not all, you also have the choice of owning the basement or part of the terrace. Besides this, you can park your cars at the covered stilt parking and take the elevator to your personal floor.
So go ahead and live life to the fullest, as these smart and spacious homes give you and your loved ones plenty of room to blossom.


Central Park Flower Valley Clover Floors offer an array of 4 BHK homes spread across 400 sq. yds.
These spacious luxury floors come loaded with a host of technologies including a fully air conditioned home that ensures complete comfort 24×7. Besides this, the temperature of your homes can be set by your voice o a mobile opp. When it comes to your comfort, Clover Floors leaves no stone unturned.


Now let comfort and ease become your way of life with a host of advanced smart features that offer you a living experience like never before. Now control lights, ACs and much more with just your voice or a mobile phone App. So experience the joy and delight of intelligent living at Clover Floors.

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